Sunday, July 8, 2012

SEO Tips : Page Renaming - Wordpress

When changing the name of a page via wordpress, keep in mind that the earlier name page URL will not offer a 404 not found request...

This is to be avoided as this completely kills the SEO achieved on the previous URL... crawlers will keep reporting back that the page is down...

3 steps need to be done to prevent any problems:

Step 1: Report within Google Webmaster Tools that the page names have changed

Step 2: Prevent robots/crawlers from finding the problematic page:

This can be done via 2 ways:

1. Use an appropriate WordPress Plugin to ensure that when page names are changed, the Plugin will ensure that WordPress itself will offer the correct pages...

2. Write the appropriate lines in the .htaccess file to ensure that a 301 redirect is offered from the earlier specified URL to the newer URL...

Step 3: Create a custom 404 page which is user friendly and offers an alternative user navigation . The 404 page may say:

We're sorry you didnt find this page:  But you can read about 
A --> Here
B --> Here
C --> Here

Where the links and topics should be the core topics of the business (or SEO chosen keywords)

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